During the initial stages of a project, we work cloesly with you to develop detailed drawings, schedules, budgets and projections to ensure the start of construction runs smoothly.


During the construction phase will be the actual physical building and all associated processes such as landscaping, site clearance, demolition and refurbishing.


During the final stages of construction its imperative that clients homes are ready for living. We ensure that physical construction is complete at this point and immaculate for viewing.

A combination of the talents of professionals with both construction & architectural expertise

Professional construction services with architectural expertise

We believe that our clients are a fundamental part of the design process and we collaborate. Construction is a process which consists of assembling or building infrastructure.
A unique combination of engineering and construction.
Developing our client's dream space for their business.
We’ve constructed some of the most iconic projects.

Every design and construction project is unique which is why we have a dedicated process for clients to ensure the best results.

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Our extensive resume is comprised of over 150+ projects completed

Our diverse project list includes commercial buildings and manufacturing structures

South Hampton, NY

This home in the beautiful area of South Hampton, NY was contracted to us. We walked our client through every facet of the building (design, materials, implementation) and more.

2674 East 29th Street

Fartuna Construction was contacted and tasked to design the entirety of this beautiful 2 story home. From pre, intra, and post-construction we developed it all. 

What our clients are saying about our company and projects

Our clients are more than clients. We’re partners — we start at the vision and take every step together